Manually adding a solution every month is a task that often gets forgotten as time goes on. With a metering pump it happens automatically. The only thing the customer has to do is occasionally shake the bottle and replace it when it runs out. (For large bottles often only once a year…)

This problem is seen particularly often for anti-thread algae products. Once the algae are gone, people generally stop treatment if they have to do it by hand. Then the algae are back again in no time. With a metering pump the user soon has an algae-free pond without any effort!

AquaForte Dosatech automatic dosage pump

AquaForte Dosatech Dosage Pump


The big advantage of metering small amounts of bacteria (such as Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear) daily rather than a larger amount monthly is that it creates the so-called ‘Yakult/Actimel effect’. In the case of monthly metering, large quantities of bacteria die off that are unable to find any food at that time. With daily metering more than 30 different live bacteria cultures are added to the pond that hungrily go in search of food. In terms of quantity, there is no difference between daily and monthly metering; it is simply divided into 30 small portions.

Keep your pond in top condition: train your pond bacteria!

When a person trains for a marathon every day for a year and then suddenly stops, they no longer maintain their fitness level. Without the daily stress of the training, their body quickly adapts to the reduced activity. It works the same way for bacteria in your pond. If they regularly work in difficult conditions, they will adapt accordingly. When certain nutrient sources are reduced or disappear, the bacteria that depend on them will reduce their activity level. Then, when these nutrients become available again, it takes a while before the bacteria become active again and start to multiply (resulting in the familiar peak of a certain substance). By metering all the types of bacteria daily, all the cultures remain in top condition.

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