An effective and fast biological start up of your pond filter and pond.

Restarting your pond?

To balance your pond water, it is necessary to support your pond during the start-up process. In the winter, most water treatment products thrive less, so that they are often less active in the pond. By adding Microbe-Lift Filter Start water treatment to your filter, you accelerate and promote the biological balance in your pond.

Advatages of Filter Start

  • Promotes and accelerates natural balance pond filter
  • 100% organic
  • Rapid degradation of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate (including causes of algae and fish mortality)
  • Reduces the build-up of sludge and sludge in the filter 

Starting a new pond?

When you have installed a new pond, you want to enjoy your pond, fish and pond life as quickly as possible. When switching on the filter, remember to first add Microbe-Lift Filter Start bacteria to the filter. This promotes the biological start of the filter and contributes directly to the degradation of harmful substances.

Also make sure that your water values ​​are correct. The most important water values ​​that must be checked regularly are:

  • PH
  • KH
  • Ammonia
  • GH
  • Nitrite
  • Nitrate

Microbe-Lift Filter Start is available in 0.5 liters (SC755), 1 liter (SC756) and 4 liters (SC757) bottles.

At which temperatures does Microbe-Lift Filter Start work?

To be able to multiply, this biological water treatment needs a certain temperature. The best way to start is with Microbe-Lift Filter Start at an outside temperature of approximately 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. 

How do you add the Filter Start?

Filter Start is best added to the filter. Microbe-Lift Filter Start has a special formula. The water treatment products that do most of the work during the start-up of a pond are in the filter.

The advantage of biological water treatment agents is that they also adhere well and work on the pond bottom and the walls. In addition, they like to attach themselves to biological substrate and plant filters. With this they also support the operation of these filters.

DOSAGE: When you start the filter, use Filter Start for 4 weeks.

After rinsing the filter, use it for 2 weeks. You can then use Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear for maintenance.

The advantage of Microbe-Lift pond bacteria is that they are liquid. On the label of the Filter Start water treatment products you can easily see the amount that you need to add.

How do Microbe-Lift Filter Start water treatment products work?

Microbe-Lift Filter Start contains all bacteria to have the processes carried out for an optimal functioning of your filter. If Microbe-Lift® Filter Start is used according to the prescribed dosages, the formula ensures:

  • Quick start-up of filters to break down organic waste
  • Rapid degradation of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate
  • Reduces sludge / sediment build-up in the filter for easier maintenance and improves filter effectiveness by preventing “channel formation”
  • Repairs the filter quickly after using fish and medication
  • Breaks down drug residues that are harmful to the pond bacteria
  • Remains effective over a wide range of pH values
  • Strong decrease in unpleasant odors due to dead algae, fish excrement and urine
  • Reduces hydrogen sulphide that spreads strong, nasty air
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