Microbe lift CLEAN & CLEAR – 100% natural!

Crystal clear and clean pond water in the spring and summer season


The sun shines! How do you keep your pond water clear, clean and healthy?

Your garden and pond are at their best during the spring and summer months. The outside temperature rises, just like the water temperature. Everything in and around your pond comes alive, whereby your fish also become more active. Due to the weather, all biological processes in the pond speed up.

The pond filter must perform optimally during this period, and may use some help from water treatment agents. Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear is the total solution for a guaranteed clear and healthy pond with fish and plants.

Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear is available in 0.5 liters (SC750), 1 liter (SC751) and 4 liters (SC752).

The advantages of Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear:


  • Clear and healthy water
  • Significantly reduces maintenance on filters and the pond
  • 100% safe for fish and plants
  • Reduces ammonia & nitrite
  • Reduces organic sludge

  • Reduces stress
  • Promotes rapid growth
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Increases resistance to diseases and parasites
  • Biologically breaks down uneaten fish food

  • Ensures a healthy start
  • Reduces the “shock” when transplanting
  • Stimulates root formation and growth
  • Improves resistance to temperature fluctuations
  • Increases the absorption capacity of the plants for light, water and nutrients

How to dose Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear?

A golden combination: Clean & Clear + Water Cleanser

The Water Cleanser is a waxy block that acts as a protective ‘home’ for the naturally present beneficial bacteria. These are ‘started up’ because the Water Cleanser adds a missing nutrient: Carbon. The beneficial bacteria multiply and are thus faster effective.

Give these beneficial bacteria a boost with Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear and you create a well-oiled biological machine!

The Water Cleanser is available in 200gram (MB565) and 1kg (MB566).

Drastically reduces filter maintenance

Clean & Clear contains more than 30 different, living bacteria cultures that can remove the organic waste in your pond. The formula has proven for years to be the most powerful for the maintenance of ponds.

Because the bacteria cultures clean up a lot of dirt in the pond, the filter is less stressed. This considerably reduces maintenance on the filter. This ensures that a filter needs to be rinsed less, which means that you use much less water and to a lesser extent use other filtration techniques.

Clean & Clear as a weapon against algae growth

The photosynthetic bacteria in Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear occupy the same place as algae in the pond. That is why the Clean & Clear bacteria will compete with the algae by depriving algae of nutrients and sunlight. This ensures less waste in the water. The result: crystal clear and clean water. Not only the pond water is much cleaner, but also the pond liner, stones and substrates, for example.

What makes the action of Microbe-Lift pond bacteria unique?

Microbe-Lift contains photosynthetic bacteria and is grown in the bottle in which it is sold thanks to a unique and unparalleled process! Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear uses the sun for a clean and clear pond.

Solar energy has been used for years for various applications, such as solar panels on roofs to heat water or to generate electricity. Many calculators are also equipped with small light cells so that they can work without batteries. Imagine if you could use that huge, free energy source to reduce your pond maintenance. Well … you can!

Just like solar panels, the photosynthetic bacteria from Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear use the solar energy for natural biological processes that keep your pond clean and clear.

How do you add Microbe-Lift to your pond?

The water treatment products that do most of the work during the spring and summer period of a pond are located in the filter and in the pond. You can therefore distribute the water treatment products in the pond. The advantage of biological water treatment agents is that, in addition to the dirt in the water, they also adhere well and work on the pond bottom and walls. In addition, they like to attach themselves to biological substrate and plant filters. With this they also support the operation of these filters.

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