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Halve maintenance on your pond!


The biological products from Microbe-Lift ensure that your pond water is optimal every season and therefore save you the necessary maintenance. How? By giving the natural processes in your pond a big boost at the right time. This way, the harmful processes in your pond are cut off at an early stage. As a result, you will not be bothered by, for example, algae and dirt that accumulate in your filter but you will also prevent sludge from forming on the soil so that harmful gasses resulting therefrom do not affect water quality. In most cases you can halve the maintenance that must be done later!

It is not without reason that Microbe-Lift water treatment products are by far the most used biological solutions for the treatment of ponds and surface water in the U.S.. But also available in Europe for consumers and professionals. Continue reading below how Microbe-Lift takes work off your hands at any time during the pond season!

Starting your pond in the right way in the spring?

After the winter period ponds come back to life in the spring. The plants start to grow, the temperatures rise and the fish become more active. It is very important to carry out the correct maintenance in the spring. You will then benefit from it for the entire season!

Spring is the season to clean and restart your pond. The organic waste, which remains after the autumn and winter months, must be broken down and the water must be balanced again so that all plants and fish can grow optimally. Microbe-Lift has developed a special formula, specifically for starting up the pond, called Microbe-Lift Filter Start. In addition, Microbe-Lift Sludge Away ensures a quick and natural degradation of soil sludge, which also ensures a clear pond. The ideal preparation for a beautiful clear and healthy pond, with half the maintenance!

Keep your pond clear in the summer? Start on time!

A pond should be at its best in the summer months. It is therefore important to maintain the pond correctly, so that you can optimally enjoy the fish, the crystal clear water and the flowering aquatic plants. In the summer the water temperature in the pond is highest, which means that all biological processes take place faster. The negative ones too. If a pond is not properly maintained, there is a greater chance of turbid and unhealthy water.

Microbe-Lift has developed a total formula for this, called Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear, especially for keeping your pond water clear in the warmer months. Clean & Clear ensures, among other things, that organic pollution (algae, too much fish feed, soil sludge, dead plant remains, etc.) is removed from your pond. The result: a clear and healthy pond that you can optimally enjoy all summer!

Microbe-Lift products ensure an optimal natural balance in your pond, reducing the risk of infection and fish loss. In addition, they contain no harmful substances for people, animals or the environment.

Prepare your pond optimally for fall and winter?

The basis for a clear and healthy pond in the following year is laid in the fall.That is why it is important to pay extra attention to your pond in the fall. During the autumn months, leaves and other organic waste, such as dead and rotting plant parts, often end up in the pond. If nothing is done about this, a mud layer will form on the pond bottom. The basis for many problems that only reveal themselves later.

Microbe-Lift has developed a special formula for maintenance of the pond in the autumn and winter months. Microbe-Lift Autumn Winter Prep speeds up the breakdown of leaves, sediment and other organic material and supports a healthy immune system for your fish.

The specially grown bacteria, naturally present in your pond to a much lesser extent, also do their work in the winter. Even under ice and snow! It is very easy to add and gives you, months later, the ideal head start when starting your pond in the spring.

Microbe-Lift products contain specially grown different bacterial cultures

Bacteria are always present and indispensable in every pond, especially during the start-up of the pond season or when you just have a new pond. Feces, urine, algae, too much fish food, soil sludge, dead plant remains, etc. create unpleasant odors and initiate the nitrogen cycle in the pond. The nitrogen cycle ensures ammonia and nitrite in the water: substances that can kill your fish and plants.

Microbe-Lift’s products contain all kinds of different bacterial cultures. These specially grown bacteria reduce ammonia and nitrite many times faster than the bacteria that were originally present in your pond. This halves your pond maintenance! The bacteria from Microbe-Lift work immediately when they are added to the water.

Unique: grown in the package

The bacteria from Microbe-Lift are grown in the bottle in which the product is sold. This creates its own “ecosystem”. This biological “ecosystem” contains all the organisms needed to replenish the shortages in your pond water and to increase the water quality.

Use the sun for a cleaner pond

Just like solar panels, photosynthetic bacteria in Microbe-lift products use the energy of the sun. They reduce the turbidity of the water with the help of sunlight: organic and inorganic dirt particles fuse together and sink. This natural and biological process brings the ecology of your pond back into balance, making your pond clean and clear. This also reduces maintenance on your filter.

Photosynthetic bacteria are only activated when they come into contact with sunlight in your pond. This keeps Microbe-Lift products stable for up to three to five years.

Leading in the field of pond and surface water treatment

Ecological Laboratories, the producer of Microbe-Lift®, has been a leader since 1976 in the field of bacterial products and pond and surface water treatment. The Microbe-Lift products are unique in that the organisms grow synergistically (the “ecosystem in a bottle”).

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